Metadata Integration with SPARQL. (OR: How to avoid being swallowed by your Massive Triplestore)

Talk at Oxon SWIG, 13th September 2006 at the Oxford University Computing Labs
Katie Portwin


[1] Ingenta Metadata
[2] RDFS Model of Ingenta Metadata
[3] Book on Ingenta
[4] Book on Amazon
[5] Author on Ingenta
[6] Author on the Web
[7] Berners Lee RDF in Metastore
[8] Berners Lee FOAF document
[9] SPARQL Protocol Spec (scroll to " SELECT with complex RDF dataset")
[10] SPARQL Demo 1 - foaf merge
[11] Foafmerge Results
[12] Book in Metastore
[13] Book from Amazon XML API
[14] Amazon XML RDF-d View Source
[15] owl:sameAs statement
[16] SPARQL Demo 2 - Amazonmerge
[17] Amazonmerge results
[18] RDB->RDF Example
[19] Article in Issue in Metastore
[20] Issue in Distribution Database
[21] Sent in Distribution Database
[22] Sparql Demo 3 - squirrelmerge
[23] Squirrelmerge results


Building and Managing a massive Triplestore
More Merging with SPARQL
How does a scruffy little RDB get into a Triplestores-Only Golf Club?
Does you Boy Scout Handbook look..

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