International Scholarly Communications Conference

The transformation of research communication

The ALPSP series of "International Learned Journals Seminars" has been transformed, as has scholarly communication itself. "Learned Journals" no longer adequately describe the spectrum of modes of scholarly communication to which publishers must strive to add value. This, therefore, is the first of the successors to the ILJS the ALPSP International Scholarly Communications Conference.

Computer technologies have enabled a revolution in the way researchers work: how they operate, what data they are able to collect, how they can analyse it, and how they can work together. Perhaps the journal article is ceasing to be the central output of research it could be argued that the primary output is data, and articles are fast becoming just one part of a continuum of communication, from informal to formal, among the community of researchers. If publishers are to have a continuing role in facilitating and adding value to the transfer of research information, they need to understand what is happening how researchers work today, how they communicate, and what they need.

For this conference we have drawn together a wide range of researchers themselves, to tell publishers what is actually going on in the world of research communication. It provides a unique opportunity for senior scholarly publishers with responsibility for the strategic development of their programme to learn about the environment in which they need to operate if they are to continue to add real value for their customers.

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