Priya Parvatikar

My name is Priya Parvatikar. I am a graduate of Bombay University where I studied Civil Engineering. I worked as a Structural Design Engineer at Tata Consulting Engineers before I switched to software programming.

I am married to Rishi Kulkarni and we live in Oxford, UK since 2002. Previously, I have lived in London and Bath. I am an Indian citizen and have lived most of my life in Bombay.

At work...

I am Technical Architect for Publishing Technology's Scholarly Online division.

Before that, I was team-leader of the MetaData Team at Publishing Technology.

I am also responsible for the Metastore project. In the past, I have worked on this project with Leigh and Katie.


Semantic Web, RDF, SPARQL, XML, Java, Perl etc

Contact Info

Email me at

Outside work...

I have a keen interest in Indian classical music and the poetry of Sahir Ludhianvi.

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